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Moscow Radio Attacks Israel; Links ‘millionaire Zionists,’ Aggression

December 28, 1959
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In a broadcast running the complete anti-Semitic gamut, reminiscent of the canards in the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and Nazi propaganda, the Soviet Union this week-end voiced a sweeping attack against Israel, linking Israel with Jewish “international bankers,” “Wall Street,” and “imperialism.” The broadcast, originating in Moscow, was in Arabic, beamed to the Near East.

The broadcast charged that Zionism was the instrument of Anglo-American “capitalists” for the penetration of the Near East. A number of targets were singled out for special attack, including the Histadrut, the Israel Labor Federation, and the Mapai Party of Israel.

According to Radio Moscow, Israel is menacing Near East peace with a policy of aggression because it is controlled by “the new Israeli capitalism which has been established during the last 12 years.” Israeli capitalism was described as the agency of “the imperialists of the West” who established ties with Zionism as early as the 19th Century.

Moscow alleged that “the international Zionist organization fell under the influence of the millionaires of London and Paris as soon as it was established. They financed it… offered political aid. Zionists began to call upon the Jews of the world to emigrate to Palestine, promising them mountains of gold there.”

Financial backers of Zionism “in Wall Street,” said Moscow, “saw that the Near East would soon become a profitable market…and the source of huge profits for imperialism,” but the “final conspiracy” did not emerge until oil was discovered in Arab lands. Then, in 1929, according to the Communist allegation, the Jewish Agency was founded by international monopolists “who up to that time had not been officially connected with Zionism.”


The Jewish Agency was said to control “the trends” of Premier David Ben-Gurion’s policies. According to Moscow; “the Jewish Agency was presided over by Felix Warburg, a partner in the American-German bank–Kuhn, Loeb, and Company.” For a long time, Moscow claims, “the Warburgs have been cooperating with the Rockefollers. The second man in charge of the Agency was the chairman of the I.C.I. Trust in Britain, Lord Melchett, the man who monopolized the manufacture of dynamite and gunpowder. The Jewish monopoly, Palestine Potasla, was headed by the former Viceroy in India, Lord Lytton. The president of the British Shell Oil Company also became an influential partner of the Zionists.

“Lord Samuel, the former British High Commissioner in Palestine, has his share of the deal. He was later given the chairmanship of the Zionist monopoly, Palestine Electric, which was given a 70-year concession for use of the hydro-electric power on the Jordan River.”

Moscow said that Zionism “after reaching agreement with international capitalism, started to prepare for the decisive map upon the Near East. It was planned that a Jewish Zionist state was to be set up at the time of the general offensive launched by the Western oil monopolies against the Arab countries.”

Attacking the Mapai party, Moscow said that, “behind the facade of the Mapai party, stand, sharp businessmen who find Zionism a profitable enterprise.” The main pillar of Mapai was said to be “Histadrut, the biggest capitalist organization in Israel, with present funds estimated at little less than one billion dollars–a lot of money for a small country like Israel.”

Moscow charged “the main preoccupation of Histadrut’s businessmen is the making of more profits from colonizing Israel. Next, they dream of colonizing neighboring territories, and this impels them to follow an aggressive foreign policy.”

Attacking Israeli operations in Africa, Moscow said “Mapai’s so-called Socialists are anxious to try their hand at exploiting the Negroes.” The broadcast claimed that Israel plans to become “a big commission agency for the American and West European capitalists throughout the Middle East, and even Africa.

Moscow charged that Israel is collaborating with former Nazis in West Germany, because “operations are profitable, and business is business. In Great Britain, said the broadcast, the Zionists are “associated in body and spirit with the Rothschild family.” The Rothschilds were linked with the oil business and oil pipelines in Israel. Said Moscos: “Zionism likewise offers its services to all monopolies associated with imperialist activities in any part of the Arab East.”


Moscow said “the Sinai adventure of October, 1956, was launched by Ben-Gurion to realize the acquisition of nearby Arab territories. The Anglo-American French plan to gain domination over the Suez Canal tallied with the plans for setting up an Israeli oil empire between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, through the annexation of Arab territory.”

According to the Soviet propaganda, Israel if being prepared for new aggression by an American consortium, named as “the American-Israeli Petroleum Corporation.” Rudolf Sonneborn is identified in the broadcast as “one of the most influential Zionist millionaires” behind the oil consortium.

Behind Rudolf Sonneborn, alleged Moscow, “is the Socony Mobil Company of the Rockefellers. They tried to get hold of oil resources in the Negev and in neighboring territories even before World War I. The financial adviser of the Rockefellers, who goes under the name of Strauss, used to be the director of Palestine Economic Corporation, the Zionist American concern.”

“It is not pointless to mention,” the broadcast stated, that Sonneborn’s wife is the daughter of the American Zionist banker, Schiff, who has contacts with the Rockefellers. These are the hidden forces which are pushing Zionism into the oil arena, and which are backing the Israeli extremists in their aggressive policies.”

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