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Philadelphia Dedicates Education Center

November 4, 1928
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(Jewish Daily Bulletin)

Dr. Solomon Solis Cohen will preside at the dedication exercises of the Jewish Educational Center at Marshall and Porter Streets on Sunday. These exercises will bring to a close a series of celebrations begun last Sunday when another building was dedicated at 508-14 Moore Street. These buildings, representing an outlay of $335,000, were made possible out of the funds provided by the Building Committee of the Federation of Jewish Charities. The present two Educational Centers are part of a series of buildings for educational purposes planned for various parts of the city.

Judge William M. Lewis, Justin P. Allman, President; Jacob Billikopf, Executive Director of the Federation of Jewish Charities, and Louis E. Levinthal, President of the Associated Talmud Torahs, will be the speakers.

The Jewish Educational Center, 508-14 Moore Street, was dedicated last Sunday by Rabbi Israel Herbert Levinthal of the Jewish Center of Brooklyn. The building will house the Associated Talmud Torah, for daily religious education, and the Hebrew Sunday School Society, which provides instruction on Sunday, and will be used for cultural and recreational purposes.

Lina Bernstein, daughter of a well-to-do French Jewish family near Clermont-Ferrand, has passed her preliminary solo tests and is the fourth feminine flier in France. She hopes to be able to enter in one of the distance contests during the next few months.


expressions of opinion, concurring on the resolutions of the Non-Zionist Conference, paving the way for American Jewry’s joining the Jewish Agency, were contained in additional replies received yesterday in response to the “Jewish Daily Bulletin” inquiry. The prediction that as a result of the unity on the rebuilding of Palestine, differences between East and West in the component parts of Jewry will be obliterated is recurrent in the statements made by communal leaders and rabbis in various parts of the country and of varied affiliation.

MILTON M. ALEXANDER, Detroit, Mich–“My regrets at my inabllity to attend the Jewish Agency Conference were tempered by the realization that full and intelligent reports would be forthcoming in the ‘Jewish Daily Bulletin.’ I was not disappointed I expected and received a concise and satisfying story of an epochal event. In this connection may I suggest that in the future the use of the phrase ‘Non-Zionist Conference’ be discontinued in favor of the more accurate, positive term ‘Jewish Agency Conference’.”

JOHN ANISFIELD, Cleveland, O.– “I should probably be classed among the Non-Zionists, not having taken a lively interest in Palestine before, except with a small donation here and there.

“Forming the Jewish Agency for the purpose of upbuilding Palestine as a homeland for Jews can not help but appeal to every matured experienced Jew.

“The satisfaction of knowing that 150,000 or more Jews now living in Palestine, and more to come, because their former homes were well night impossible, are living in comparative comfort, is in itself testimony to the worthwhileness of the undertaking.

“I am certainly heart and sould with the movement and pray that unanimity may henceforth reign in the councils of our people whether Zionist or Non-Zionist–we are all Jews.”

DR. JULIUS BERGER, Shaare Zion Synagogue, Noire Dame de Grace, Queboc–“Our people may rightly say: “This is the day for which we had hoped so long.’

“I wish through the columns of the ‘Daily Bulletin’ to congratulate Dr. Weizmann and Louis Marshall, the two outstanding men through whom this epoch making achievement has been made possible.”

RABBI B. H. BIRNBAUM–“A most glorious chapter was added to the history of Jewish life in America when a unanimous vote was cast recently that all the American Jews join the Jewish Agency. Not alone will that help to speed on the work of rebuilding Palestine but all of American Israel will reflect credit and honor upon itself out of recognition of the truth that the sacred enterprise of reclaiming our Holy Land is a task so momentous and so unique that it is deserving of a united Jewry working in its behalf. American Israel’s self respect has been regained at this extraordinary meeting held recently in New York.”

RABBI BERYL D. COHON, B’er Chayim Congregation, Cumberland, Md.–“The action taken by the Non-Zionist Conference promises a happier day not only for the Zionist movement but for the Reform movment as well, for by the new understanding the Reform Temple will come closer to the Jewish masses and in more intimate contact with the realities of Jewish life.”

RABBI ABRAHAM L. FEINBERG. Temple Israel, New York City–“In a practical sense, then the combination of forces accomplished at the Conference was necessary and vital. Let us abide by it, and employ our energies to the end that it will bear fruit in a thriving, prosperous and healthy Jewish community in Palestine, whatever spiritual shape that community make take. And, too, the precedent established by the harmonization of hostile camps will go a long way towards achieving the solidarity so badly needed in Israel.”

RABBI JOSEPH L. FINK, Temple Beth Zion, Buffalo, N.Y.–“I attended the non-Zionist Conference held in N. Y. City, October 20-21, and consider it one of the outstanding conferences for peace in the history of American Jewry. All the old labels that once distingiushed the antagonized groups of Jews against one another have now been discarded. and under the impulse of a common idealism and in the spirit of unity and peace we may now all work together to assist Jews everywhere and particularly in Palestine.

“I look forward eagerly and hopefully to the application of the principles and program adopted at this Conference.”

DR. G. GEORGE FOX, Chicago, Ill.–“I regard the work of the Non-Zionist’ Conference under the chairmanship of the indefatigable Louis Marshall as the greatest achievement of American Jewry for Catholic Israel. The Jews of this land have rightly assumed the leadership of the world Jewish life. Harmony within that leadership will of necessity not only bring untold blessings to Palestine but will inspire our coreligionists wherever they are. World Jewry is under obligation to Dr. Weizmann, to Louis Marshall, and to their splendid co-workers for the magnificent spectacle of a united Jewry in America whose efforts will be dedicated to the rebuilding of the cradle of Jewish life for the benefits it will bestow upon Jewries everywhere. There two great leaders have led us to the dawn of a new day in our history, out of which there will come a rebirth of Jewish idealism and Jewish consecration everywhere and in which the Jews of this blessed land will be in the forefront.”

BERNARD GINSBURG, Detroit, Mich.–“I am intensely happy and pleased at the splendid results of the meeting and I know it all makes for the prosperity of Zionism and the unification of the Jewish interests. The men who will direct the work will no doubt has been the needed results. It must cause joy in our mind and in our hearts. God give them success.”

RABBI SOLOMON GOLDMAN, Cleveland, Ohio–“The Jewish Agency inspires great expectations, and we hope there will be no disillusionment. Palestine needs large sums of money. The wealthy men in Jewry will now have the responsibility and opportunity of placing some of their wealth at the service of Eretz Yisrael. As a Zionist, I cannot help but add the prayer that the national aspirations of the founers of the Zionist movement, the idealogy of Herzl or Achad Ha’Am will not suffer in the least.”

GILBERT HARRIS, St. Louis, Mo.–“My best wishes to the gallant men who, overcoming prejudices, made the peace pact possible. Israel is their debtor.”

RABBI EDWARD HOROWITZ, New York City–“I hail the proceedings of the Non-Zionist Conference which will mark the consummation of the Jewish Agency in America as one of the greatest events in Jewish history of the past decade. It is one of the finest achievements of world Jewry’s two greatest leaders, Dr. Chaim Weizmann and Louis Marshall.”

RABBI ISIDOR B. HOFFMAN, Utica, N. Y.–“The spirit which animated all who participated in the Conference must cause every Jew to rejoince. Firstly, there was the recognition of the great possibilities of Palestine. Secondly, there was the earnest acknowledgement that the task is one in which every section of Jewry has a responsibility. Thirdly, and most significant of all in the light of history, was the understanding and the vision which enabled these representative Jews to maintain and to glory in their differences of opinion. No leveling hand of uniformity or intolerance was raised at the Conference.”

RABBI JOSEPH LEISER, Helena, Ark.–“I favor the Conference action in the projected efforts to upbuild Palestine as an expression of United Israel here and abroad. Nationalistic ambition, long a barrier, makes way to plans seeking the establishment of a people in economic security amid favorable influences and control. American Jews can now join with all their brethren participating in this task to let the Host of Israel enter their ancient heritage as a priestly people.”

BENJAMIN F. LEVY, Elmira, N.Y.–“It was a worth-while conference. I believe that it not alone gave added assurance for the re-establishment of Palestine, but has gone a long way toward creating unity in Israel, and especially a solidarity and co-operation in the civic, social and religious welfare of Judaism.”

RABBI SIDNEY S. TEDESCHE, Congregation Mishkan Israel, New Haven, Conn.–“This splendid, farsighted recognition on the part of Louis Marshall, Dr. Lee K. Frankel, Felix Warburg, Lord Melchett and David Brown is bound to build up the shattered morale of the Jewish people, It constitutes an answer to the anti-Semites everywhere, proving that Jews have always been and always will be ready to take care of their own.”

DR. MEYER WAXMAN, Chicago, Ill.–“As near as we are to it, we can still feel its present import, let alone its influence on the future. There were at this conference two outstanding moments. One, is the beginning of the obliteration of the line of demarcation between East and West in Jewry, which, nolens volens, always existed, no matter how much we tried to conceal it. The second, is the taking of full recognition of what has been accomplished in Palestine. If it is proper to speak of the realization of the Jewish Agency as a victory for Palestine, it should be said that it is the pioneers, both the tillers of the soil and the teachers in the schools, who have made Hebrew a living language, who have won the victory.”

ARMAND WYLE, Rochester, N. Y.–“As one who has for a long time been undecided in the feasibility and practicability of restoring Palestine as a Homeland, I am satisfied with the final endorsement of the non-Zionist organization of the plan to make a carefully considered effort to accomplish this purpose. We have been so beset by opposing groups in this matter that we have never quite been swayed by the extreme idealists nor have we been desirous of giving up the prospect because of the expressions of defeatists. Now that the findings of a fact-finding commission, composed of such eminent members, declare the idea worthy of scientific promotion. there is nothing for Jews with any feeling of pride of race and admiration and reverence for those of our ancestors who lived in forture and died for the continuance of the race, but to come to the moral, financial and spiritural support of the enterprise until it has been definitely proved that the end can not be accomplished.”

“It is becoming obvious,” he said, “that in these matters our laws are framed along the lines of a mistaken psychology. Whatever enlightenment there will be, will come not through judges and advocates alone but through the aid of many callings and especially through the help of the medical profession, and I would suggest that a committee be established for the consideration of these matters, its members drawn from the bar associations of the country and from the Academy of Medicine.”

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