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Postmaster Farley, Secretary Roper and Governors Add New Year Greetings

September 24, 1933
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The contributions of the Jews to civilization, their efforts in civic philanthropic and cultural affairs received the tribute of federal officials and governors of various states in New Year messages received by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, supplementing the greetings published in The Bulletin last Sunday.

Postmaster James A. Farley voices the hope that the year will bring “greater security, more happiness and prosperity” to the Jewish race.

His message follows:

“I am indeed pleased to avail myself through the medium of your paper to extend to my fellow-citizens of the Jewish faith warm greetings and sincere good wishes on the significant occasion of Rosh Hashanah, 5694. or New Year, about to be ushered in.

“The patriotism of our Jewish neighbors in the general life of the community has furnished splendid examples of patriotism, civic pride, devotion to public welfare, true philanthropy and beneficent cooperation in all work for the furtherance of the common good of the members of all races and creeds.

“The notable contributions which your people have made to civilization and human advancement have their well-spring in ancient religious impulses and practises which this day symbolizes, yielding anew strength of spirit, zeal and loyalty to ideals which have enabled the Jewish people to overcome all adversity and bring continuous and lasting benefit to humanity.

“I earnestly trust that the New Year will mark the beginning of a new era of greater security, more happiness and prosperity for the House of Israel and all mankind.”

Daniel C. Roper, Secretary of Commerce, wired the following message:

“It is a pleasure to extend to you and to the Jewish people my most sincere and cordial greetings on the occasion of your New Year, 5694. There is good reason to feel that we have entered into a brightening period of economic reconstruction and social reform.”

The Right Honorable R. B. Bennett, Prime Minister of Canada, sent the following message:

“On the occasion of the celebration of the Jewish New Year 5694, I am happy to send a message of best wishes to Canadians of Jewish ancestry. Signs are not wanting that happier and more prosperous conditions will shortly return to the world, and it is the belief of every Canadian that the Dominion will be among the first to feel the revitalizing influence of returning confidence throughout the world.

“Every section of this wide Dominion must cooperate, one with the other, in building for a greater future and a sound prosperity. In this, the Jewish people can play a worthwhile part for their traditional love of home life and their ability. in business affairs should be given to the country of their adoption.”

“I extend to you my sincere greetings upon this high and solemn occasion of the New Year. My wishes and my hopes are that peace, happiness and contentment will be ### or the United States.

“We in Indiana are most appreciative of their influence for good. For more than a hundred years Jewish men and women have been prominent in the development of our great state of Indiana. For their exemplary home life and church contributions we owe them a debt of gratitude.

“On the eve of the Day of Judgment, Indiana prays for the continued prosperity and well being of the Jews. May the Supreme Judge of the Universe decree for the New Year 5694. that intolerance, bigotry, and injustice be forever banished in all parts of the world, and peace, good-will and understanding hold forth upon this globe.”

Gov. Clyde L. Herring


“I am glad to have this opportunity to extend my greetings and sincere good wishes for the New Year to my fellow-citizens of the nation.

“May it be a year of health, happiness and renewed prosperity for them and for all of us.”

Gov. Ruby Laffoon


“To the American Jewry on the occasion of the New Year, 5694, as Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, I extend greetings and best wishes, and with the Nation, extend to you the right hand of fellowship.

“Since the day Christopher Columbus sailed the broad seas in search of another world you have been closely identified with this great country. In order to get sufficient men for the crews of Columbus’s voyage, it was necessary to throw open the prison doors, and many of these prisoners, thrust there because of their ancient faith, were under the command of the great navigator.

“No people of whom history makes mention has suffered so much as the Jews, but despite the infamies and atrocities, they are as strong today as in the days of their pristine vigor.

“All over this land we can trace Jewish footsteps, and everywhere they have left silent monuments, eloquently testifying to their thrift and industry, their high ideals, their love of knowledge, their love of liberty, and, above all, their willingness to suffer to conserve the heritage of their illustrious past. As George Eliott has said, ‘You belong to a race that can do everything but fail’.”

Gov. Louis J. Brann


“The State of Maine sends felicitations to the American Jewry on ### pages or Jewish history since the day of its beginning.

“May the new year mark the advent of a greater understanding between you and those of other races among whom you dwell, to the end that the coming of future years may find the people of your race united with all others in a universal and enduring brotherhood of men.”

Gov. Arthur Seligman

New Mexico

“I am proud to have this opportunity to extend cordial greetings and good wishes to our fellow Jewish citizens of America on the occasion of the coming Jewish New Year, 5694.

“It is a matter of record and general knowledge that the Jewish people of the United States have always contributed substantially towards the progress and welfare of our beloved country, and they have never been found wanting in loyalty, devotion and patriotic service to the nation.”

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