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R. D. B. Speaks

October 1, 1933
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For thirty years Editor-in-chief of the Daily Express in London, England’s most celebrated journalist and chairman of the Board of Directors of the London Daily Express

It is now generally conceded that so long as the control of Germany remains in the hands of the Hitlerite gangsters, the position of their unfortunate Jewish victims offers little chance of amelioration. Germany has been completely doped with Hitlerism, make no mistake about that. The policy of the Swastika swizzle, although extremely erratic and capricious, is enormously popular with the people, who love to take orders, who dream of soldiers and of goose-steps and who have as much political sense as a pack of rabbits. They accept Hitler, Goering and Goebbels at their own excessive valuation and believe fervently and enthusiastically that all their pipe-dreams will come true. At any rate they consider themselves better off than they have been since that stupid Versailles Treaty set up its machinery of world destruction, and so they are.

Things could not have been worse, say the Germans. Hitler at least has given them a beautiful picture book full of German idealismus and Deutschland ueber Alles to charm their disturbed minds. He flattered them with the welcome assertion that they are the world’s greatest people, that they must remain pure and undefiled as a race and that all alien races, particularly those wicked Jews, must be crushed ruthlessly, as is the good old Wotan way.


Parenthetically, it gives me much amusement to think of the 12 percent illegitimate children born yearly to the purified Deutsche Michels and then hear nightly on the radio the asseverations of German purity of race and soul. As the French say, it is to laugh. How can you avoid mixed-up racial consequences when twelve percent of your people are illegitimate with no record of antecedents? But all this notwithstanding, one can understand the German enthusiasm for Hitler hoggly-goggly Juju promises. If I were a German Aryan, (for which deprivation I hereby publicly record my everlasting gratitude) I would also probably be strutting up and down Wurstbrattenstrasse in brown shirt gaiters with a beautiful Swastika embroidered on my strong German arm. I would probably rush out of the ranks of my marching comrades with a rubber club and hit over the head any disrespectful British, or American student or woman visitor who failed to give the boy scout salute.

I would probably read in the censored papers that the whole world looks with wonder, delight and admiration at the gyrations of the German heroes and my heart would swell at the contemplation of these triumphs. I would probably not know that just the reverse is the case, for you must understand that to the pure-bred Aryan, the opinion of the world is beneath contempt, so why bother?


Nor would he be very much put out by the fact that Hiller has denationalized Saxony, Bavaria and other German states which used to hate the Prussians into one whole indivisible Nazi party. There is to be a finality to that German Empire, that great apotheosis of Deutschthum, which was so terribly damaged by the dirty Jews. How this was done we do not know, except that it sounds good to say that the dirty Jews did it. The Jews of Germany cannot hit back and the rest of the Jews who are scattered the world over are not enrolled under one leadership.

Out of this, however, comes something constructive. My advice is to forget Hitler and Nazism and treat these things with the contempt and the derision which they brought on themselves and concentrate instead on the regeneration of the Jews. Make each in his or her own way assist in the effort of establishing Jewry in its national home, there to build up again the greatness, progress and dignity of a never-dying people whose unforgivable crime, in the eyes of a stupid world, appears to be that two thousand years ago, a fanatical community crucified one of their own people because they accused him of being an agitator. The Jews have suffered a million indignities for this act and probably will suffer more, but in the long run they will come back again into the light of the sun. God does not desert His people so long as they strive to deserve His trust.

To me, the astonishing feature of the German situation is the constantly repeated cry of a section of the German Jews asking the outside world to mind its own business. “Please do not interfere,” says the Central Verein Zeitung. “We despise all those who in the safety and security of foreign countries, revile Germany. In spite of all, we’ll remain Germans.”


I can hardly believe that this ridiculous attitude is born of sincerity. It sounds too fantastic, it smells too much of the lamp. More than likely it is due to Nazi pressure, for it is just stupid enough to have a Nazi origin, fostered by Nazi bullying.

On the other hand, if this section of German Jews prefers its dear Nazi oppressors and wishes to be excluded from the sympathy of the civilized world, there is nothing more to be said than, let them stew in their own juice and, incidentally, get more kicks. Lip-service to the hand that beats you is too contemptible to earn sincere sympathy. But you cannot have it both ways.

I am no sympathizer with Communism or Communists but I confess that the courage of the Communists accused of burning the Reichstag in speaking up and not being afraid of their accusers is a far more exhilirating spectacle in the eyes of the world than these Nazifawning Jewish champions in Germany. If they are so set upon insisting on their Germanism, why don’t they speak out and demand their rights as Germans?

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