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July 9, 1935
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(Chief of European Service, J.T.A.)


England, and I suppose America too, is being deluged with “Come to Germany” tourist propaganda. This is especially strong among students. But down at Cambridge, some unknown genius has gotten together the finest piece of counter-propaganda it has ever been my pleasure to see.

An innocent-looking little pamphlet, its cover featuring a view of one of Germany’s scenic delights and the phrase “Come to Germany and—.” Turn the page and you see:

Turn to the next page.


Mr. Harold Pickering, English business man, travelling by train, was searched and stripped at this frontier town on leaving Germany, and all his German money —twenty-five marks—taken from him.

Mr. Pickering was also bullied because he had received a letter from his aunt concluding with the words “Heil Hitler!”

Daily Express, December 19, 1933.


Mr. Nathan Wolff, American citizen, was kidnaped from his pension, assaulted and taken for a ride.

Times, March 8, 1933.

Across the bottom of the pages, the cordial welcome motif is repeated.

All of Germany’s famed tourist spots are treated—”Leafy Cassel,” where Woolworth’s store was mobbed by a hostile crowd; “Courtly Chemnitz,” where an American citizen of Jewish origin received blackmail threats; “Delightful Dusseldorf,” where Nazis beat up an American commercial representative; “Free Frankfurt,” where storm troopers spat in the face of a young British nurse entering a Jewish-owned shop; “Happy Hamburg,” where two Swedish subjects were badly beaten for resenting an insult to their King; “Jally Koenigsberg,” scene of a vicious assault on a Lithuanian diplomat; “Lovely Leipzig.” where twenty Nazis sent Philip Zuckerman to a hospital; “Merry Munich,” “Hearty Neukoln,” “Historic Saarbruecken,” and “Old-World Stuttgart.”

In the traditional words of neophyte British journalists, the pamphlet “gives one furiously to think.”

There is unconscious humor in the German tourist advertisements now occupying so much space on the British press. Under the caption, “Romantic Germany, the Country of Beauty,” we read of Bad Wildungen, one of the “Aryanized” spas, that it has “special springs for complaints of the kidneys, of the bladder and of assimilation.”

The Fascists and the professional anti-Semites in the various countries certainly don’t work with as much cooperation as one would expect. While the clairvoyant William Dudley Pelley, the Yorkville Nazis and the secretive Robert Edmond Emerson spent the better part of a year cursing the Jews for foisting President Roosevelt’s New Deal and NRA on a duped American citizenry, labelling the program the Jew Deal, Fuehrer Mosley and his British Blackshirt are weeping crocodile tears at the solar-plexus blow which the international Jews have given the Roosevelt program.

Jews cannot function under an ordered economy, the Blackshirt Mosley’s printed mouthpiece, informs its readers so, therefore, they killed the NRA in order to force a return to the system of desperate, unordered open competition in which, by reason of their unscrupulous methods, they best thrive. Do you need proof of this? Well, it was a Jewish poultry firm and a Jewish lawyer that smashed the NRA. The Supreme Court doesn’t seem to figure in the picture.

In case President Roosevelt wants it, he now has Sir Oswald’s approval of the NRA and of his New Deal in general. He can also have Sir Oswald’s gratuitous advice that he can only put the New Deal over by having a great organized body, like the Blackshirts, supporting him. With a private army of this nature, he can do what he will.

I don’t know Silver Shirter Pelley’s reaction to friend Mosley’s view of the New Deal but I suppose, with his glorious inconsisttency, he is now the NRA’s loudest mourner and that he has drawn further proof of Jewish machinations out of the Brooklyn chicken crates.

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