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  • Op-Ed: At Passover time, remember those struggling with infertility

    Every Passover we read the section of Exodus that reminds us to keep in mind the convert, the orphan and the widow. To this group, add those longing for a child, blogger Amy Klein writes.

  • Exploring Israel’s ‘ethnic’ cuisine

    A new book aimed at English-speaking tourists offers a look into Israel’s diverse food culture.

  • Conservatives’ ethical seal nearing kosher marketplace

    A Conservative movement commission on creating ethical certification for kosher food products is almost ready for market.

  • Oh Elvis, is this “Peace, Love and Understanding?”

    Israelis are none too pleased about rocker Elvis Costello’s decision to cancel his summer concert, which was meant to be held in the Cesaria amphitheater on June 30 — and was sold out so quickly a second show had been added July 1. On May 15, Costello posted a note on his Web site under…

  • Chabadnik turns Bronx public school around

    A Bronx public junior high that had gone through six principals in two years and "was in chaos," according to The Today Show, has been rehabilitated by Shimon Waronker, a Spanish-speaking Lubavitcher.  It’s a beautiful "To Sir With Love" story about an unsuspecting neophyte (this was Waronker’s first position as principal) but it’s also interesting…

  • First Arab-Muslim woman crowned Miss USA

    Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, is the first Arab Muslim to be named Miss USA. Asked how she felt, the 24-year-old Lebanese American said, "Ask me after I’ve eaten a pizza." Out in right field, Daniel Pipes wonders if there’s affirmative action in Western beauty contests, citing obscure Muslim wins such as America’s Junior Miss in 2007…

  • Sholom Aleichem Chaim Grade

    The New York Times weighs in on two great Yiddish writers: one very well known, and one practically unknown. First, the great but relatively unknown postwar Yiddish writer Chaim Grade soon may be known to the public as his widow and protector of his work died this month. Inna Hecker Grade had refuted most efforts to…

  • Different reads on Shavuot

    J.J. Goldberg of the Forward calls Shavuot, the Jewish holiday celebrating the giving of the Torah, "The Zeppo Marx of Jewish Holidays:" Of all the major Jewish holidays, the least familiar to the general, synagogue-avoiding Jewish public is the festival of Shavuot, which commences Tuesday evening, May 18. In fact, its obscurity is so striking that discussions…

  • Rolling with not so holy Chasidim

    Meet Danny A. Abeckaser, the 37-year-old night-club owner/actor-cum producer of “Holy Rollers,” an indie film about Brooklyn Chasidim who serve as drug mules to transport ecstasy from Europe to New York.

  • Orthodox students are embracing social action

    Orthodox students are increasingly drawn to universal causes, including helping victims of natural disasters, aiding the poor and underserved, and protecting the environment.