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  • Female Orthodox scholars helping women talk about sex

    The emergence of yoatzot halachah — women scholars serving as authorities in Jewish law — marks something of a quiet revolution in an Orthodox world dominated by male authorities. It also is enabling women to ask the questions they have about one of the most important areas of Jewish law: sex.

  • Is Natan Sharansky Jewish Agency’s last, best hope?

    At the Jewish Agency’s board meeting, chairman Natan Sharansky outlines a plan to help the agency make up a budget shortfall that has some warning of bankruptcy. The question is, can it work?

  • Wikipedia striving for balance on divisive issues

    Co-founder Jimmy Wales says the online, ever-evolving encyclopedia, which has drawn criticism for being inaccurate at times and subject to agenda-driven contributors, ultimately is able to forge balanced entries even when it comes to even the most contentious issues.

  • ‘Lebanon’ latest film to explore Israel’s Vietnam

    Three recent Israeli films on the Lebanon War are a reminder that its impact on Israeli society and those who fought in the war are still playing out 25 years later.

  • Beating swords into green plowshares in Israel

    Israel, which long has been a global leader in military technology, is adapting its technologies to develop green advances.

  • By adapting, kibbutz movement finds success

    A century after the first kibbutz was founded along the shores of the Kinneret, the kibbutz movement is finding success by shifting from its more ideological, socialist and agricultural roots to industry and, in a growing number of cases, varying degrees of privatization.

  • Two decades later, FSU immigrants making their mark in Israel

    Twenty years since the beginning of the historic wave of immigration that brought approximately 1.1 million newcomers to Israel from the former Soviet Union, the immigrants have worked to enter Israeli society under their own terms, determined to integrate while preserving their own culture.

  • For top stars like Madonna, Israel gig becoming more common

    Audiences, local promoters and officials are hoping the Material Girl’s magic will linger and boost an already emerging trend in which Israel is becoming a draw for big-name artists in relatively large numbers.

  • New ‘Shalom Sesame’ using Grover to bridge Israel-Disapora gap

    “Sesame Street” is filming a new 12-part series, “Shalom Sesame,” geared toward Jewish-American children and designed to help forge a Jewish identity and affinity with Israel.

  • Boosting Jewish populations in Arab neighborhoods stokes tensions

    As a movement to boost the Jewish presence in mixed Arab-Jewish cities gains steam, ethnic tensions rise.