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  • Israel at 70: It’s time to reclaim the Z-word, Zionism

    JERUSALEM (JTA) — All too often, when I ask campus organizations that are pro-Israel and deeply Zionist why they avoid using the “Z-word” in their messaging and literature, I’m told, “Zionism doesn’t poll well.” True, not polling well is one of today’s great sins. But imagine what our world would be like if our ancestors feared the…

  • Op-Ed: Obama could learn from Bill Clinton how to be a true friend of Israel

    The president’s Democratic predecessor possessed a moral clarity and willingness to blame the Palestinians when appropriate, a historian writes.

  • Op-Ed: On Israel, Obama brings Moynihan to mind

    President Obama’s behavior fits the historic pattern on the U.S. stance toward Israel illustrated well by Ambassador Daniel Patrick Moynihan at the United Nations, writes the author of the new book “Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight Against Zionism as Racism.”