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  • Jews around the world react to Obama

    Two days before the election, Judith Kessler and Nadine Bose, both of whom work for the Jewish community of Berlin, realized they had no Obama t-shirts. So they designed one and had it made. "I have worn it every day since, and it’s pretty stinky,"  Kessler, editor of the monthly magazine of Berlin’s Jewish community,…

  • All Jewish freshmen returning

    All six Jewish freshmen in the U.S. House of Representatives will return to Washington in January.

  • Obama wins in Pa., Ohio & Fla.

    Barack Obama won Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, where both campaigns mounted an intense and controversial battle for the general and Jewish vote.

  • Remembering Kristallnacht

    Seventy years after Kristallnacht, ceremonies around the world will mark the Night of Broken Glass, the horrific prelude to the Holocaust.  JTA’s archival reports from the time provide a chilling reminder of the terror of the time. As do personal accounts like this one by Paul Oestreicher in the Guardian. While post-war Germany has done…

  • OP-ED: Confronting hate crimes

    Seventy years after Kristallnacht, governments are no longer the perpetrators of the violence, but they are failing to do everything in their power to stop it, writes an official with Human Rights First.

  • Hamas invited to E.U. headquarters

    European Union officials invited Palestinian lawmakers, including members of Hamas, to visit its Brussels headquarters next spring.

  • Continuing fallout from Pa. GOP letter

    The fallout continues over the Pa. GOP letter that suggested that a vote for Barack Obama could lead to another Holocaust. After JTA’s initial reports on the letter and the public apology issued by one of the Jewish signatories, former state supreme court justice Sandra Schultz Newman, the mainstream media has latched on to the…

  • Kristallnacht unearthed

    My mother-in-law is one of the thousands of German-born Jews who still can recall with horror Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, the pogrom 70 years ago that marked the beginning of the end. The memory of watching her Jewish school burn as a 9-year-old child is seared into her brain. Her story and others’…

  • In final days, campaigns step up bid for Pa. Jewish vote

    The Obama and McCain campaigns in the stretch run are intensifying their efforts to win over Jewish voters in Pennsylvania, a possible swing state where Jewish votes are seen as crucial to victory.

  • Holocaust hype enters the elections

    Just days after an email to 75,000 Pennsylvania Jews suggested that a vote for Barack Obama could cause another Holocaust, at least two of the signatories to the letter are distancing themselves from it. This after the political operative who apparently wrote the letter was fired. The letter, paid for by the state Republican Party,…