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  • Lagging in polls, Barak still intent on leadership role

    With little chance of winning the premiership, the eccentric Ehud Barak may be angling for another stint as defense minister.

  • Minister would nix automatic citizenship

    Jews should not be granted automatic citizenship under the Law of Return, an Israeli Cabinet member said.

  • China, Israel disagree on Iran

    Talks between China and Israel on a nuclear Iran ended in a stalemate.

  • Riot in Druze village

    Dozens of people, including police, were injured in a riot in an Israeli Druze village.

  • Barak: Gaza operation nearing

    The Israeli army will soon launch a large-scale operation in Gaza, the defense minister said.

  • P.A. negotiator: No talks without timetable

    A peace parley will not occur without a deadline for establishing a Palestinian state, the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator said.

  • Olmert makes cancer public

    Ehud Olmert’s surprise announcement that he has early-stage prostate cancer is being seen in Israel as more than merely a medical disclosure. It appears also to be a gesture to head off another Israeli leadership crisis.

  • Barak: Gaza sweep near

    Israel is close to ordering a major military sweep of the Gaza Strip, Ehud Barak said.

  • Barak in U.S. focusing on security

    In Washington for talks with Bush administration officials, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak is trying to promote joint U.S.-Israel missile defense projects and focus on the Iranian nuclear threat.

  • Israel innovates in aviation security

    Already a world leader in aviation security, Israel is fast adapting to the ever-heightened risks of the post-9/11 world with new systems to guard against suicide hijackings and shoulder-fired missiles.