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  • Networking Russian emigres across U.S.

    With the help of a U.S. government grant, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society is setting up a national network to strengthen and connect local organizations serving Russian Jews.

  • Jews applaud candidate for House slot

    Nancy Pelosi is set to become House minority leader, the senior Democratic position in the House. Pelosi has consistently supported foreign aid to Israel, and has been active on issues that resonate with the Jewish community, such as education, health car

  • Jews weigh in on judgeships

    Here come the judges — and with them, fierce ideological and political battles in Congress. The new judiciary members will have a profound effect on social and political policies, affecting everything from abortion rights to church-state issues. For

  • Library of Congress lands shtetl exhibit

    The Polish shtetl of Luboml no longer exists, but a trove of photos and artifacts that document the town’s Jewish past has a new lease on life in Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center.

  • Minnesota Jews vie in Senate race

    Minnesota voters are poised once again to elect a Jew to the U.S. Senate — though it’s not clear if it will be Democratic incumbent Paul Wellstone or his Republican challenger, Norm Coleman. The race has been deemed “neck and neck”

  • Journalist links IBM and Auschwitz

    Journalist Edwin Black caused a stir when he built a case against IBM because of the role the company’s technology played in assisting the Nazis’ “Final Solution” for Europe’s Jews. Black says he has now discovered the missin

  • Congressional anti-Israel voices muted

    It’s anyone’s guess which party will hold the majority in Congress come November, but one thing is for sure: Several leading anti-Israel voices no longer will be heard in the Capitol’s halls.

  • Supreme Court to review free speech in new era

    In the U.S. Supreme Court’s new term, cases involving free speech, including cross burnings and anti-abortion protests, top the docket and may be treated differently in light of concerns about terrorism and the link between speech and action. Severa

  • Insurance agreement aids Shoah survivors

    After years of stalled negotiations, the commission focusing on Holocaust-era claims came to an agreement with German insurance companies last week on how to proceed. This brings Holocaust survivors and their heirs one big step closer to receiving compen

  • Women get on the lobbying train

    One Voice: Jewish Women for Israel, a new broad-based coalition involving several major American Jewish women’s groups, is working to increase — and, in many cases, launch — women’s involvement in pro-Israel activism.