Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish


Samson Koletkar is a funny guy with a killer delivery. And the fact that he’s a Jewish Indian comedian, cracking jokes to American audiences is only a small part of his fabulous act.

When Koletkar takes the stage at a comedy club, he isn’t just doing the same smart-alec routine and quirky observations as everyone else. His material is autobiographical, philosophical, and thoughtful, ranging from the way that strangers doubt his Judaism (“When I tell people I’m Jewish, they only have one question for me–‘Really?’ “), to God’s selection of Abraham to be the first Jew (“Are both your parents Jewish?” the Creator asks Abraham).

Like so many great comics, Koletkar makes fun of the way the rest of the world sees him…as well as the way that he sees himself. He challenges the things we take for granted–whether it’s the notion that Jews are supposed to sound like they’re from Brooklyn and not Mumbai, or that God is supposed to sound like a deep, booming old man and not like a Jewish mother.

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