The Armchair Commando


Here’s an exercise program for yeshiva students, office workers, and anyone else who spends too much of the day in the sitting position.

Years ago, Lazer Brody was a member of Israel‘s special forces in the IDF, where he often went on secret-agent-like missions that required great physical skills. Later, he became a Hasidic Jew and a rabbi. Now he has a very different physical routine–he spends most of his day studying Torah at a desk.

That’s why he developed an exercise program.

The idea seems a bit silly, but the regimen is both effective and clever–stretches, breathing exercises, and half-push-ups (all done from a sitting position). According to the Torah, humans were created “in the image of God,” so it’s good to know that, even when we’re too busy for a full workout, it’s possible to keep our bodies as fit as our minds.

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