Cheeses Almighty


The Bible According to Cheese–subtitled “A Brie History of Time”–is an online collection of verses and hilarious photos that tell Bible stories with an emphasis on, well, the dairy side of things. The story of Adam and Eve features edam cheese (instead of “Adam”–get it?). Cain and Abel’s tale uses (a)bel passe cheese. Our favorite pun, though, comes with the Book of Kings–it’s the story of King Solomunster.

While the Cheese Bible might not shed light on biblical enigmas or reveal hidden depths, it’s a fun, kooky, and approachable take on the Good Book.

Not every person who’s ever read the Bible has created their own adaptation of it, but many have. Longtime Jewniverse readers will remember the Black Bible Chronicles and the Lego Brick Testament. They’re sometimes thoughtful, sometimes silly, but it’s a great way to keep the stories fresh–even when you’re using aged cheese.

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