Lego My Exodus


Here’s an adaptation of the Bible that everyone can understand.

Brendan Powell Smith, a musician and the son of a Christian Sunday School teacher, spent four years of his life (and, he estimates, over $10,000) putting together an exhaustive collection of Bible scenes–made exclusively out of Lego. His project, called the Brick Testament, begins with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and continues on to the Exodus, the legal sections of the Torah, the stories of the Prophets–and also the Christian Bible.

The Bible has more than a few “adult scenes,” and so does the Brick Testament, with everything from sexual discharges to the battles for the Land of Israel.  Still, most of the dioramas are suitable for all ages, and also–dare we say?–cute.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether Smith’s models are meant to be genuine or ironic, but it doesn’t matter–this is a labor of love, and it’s easy to tell how much Smith loves his material.

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