Hebrew for Fun and Profit


Do Jews speak a different language than other people?

The comedy duo Jake and Amir are a latter-day Abbot and Costello, or perhaps the Three Stooges split between two people. (Amir is also a proud product of the Jewish day school system, although not a product of Jewish summer camps, which he rants about in a hilarious MJL video.)

In the short sketch “Hebrew,” Amir–who speaks respectable Hebrew–realizes that his dual-language skills can be put to good use when dealing with Jake, who doesn’t understand a word. Of course, Amir’s plan backfires–but not before we, the audience, witness a few great zingers from both Jake and Amir, and it all climaxes in one of their epic confrontations. It’s the kind of angry and ridiculous behavior that only happens to truly good friends.

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