Passover in 3-D



If your seder plate is looking a little flat, here’s the perfect solution.

The Passover Haggadah in Another Dimension (2009), like other haggadot, is a manual for getting you through the Passover meal. But this haggadah really pulls you into the story–or, rather, pulls the story out at you.

The haggadah includes a pair of red-and-blue 3-D glasses, and the pages are rich with pictures of the Passover story, both ancient and modern. The Wicked Son has spiked hair that sticks out at you, once you’re wearing the glasses. Cascading waves of the Red Sea crash into the Egyptian army. A weird-looking family with oversized teeth and ears–are they strange humans? mice without fur or tails?–guide you through the seder, dragging huge matzahs and, at one point, drowning inside a kiddush cup.

Some parts of the seder, such as Maggid (the telling of the Exodus), are printed in abbreviated form. So you might not want this to be the only haggadah on your Passover table. The 3-D glasses also might not be the most pleasant thing to wear during your entire dinner. But for a new and fun take on the holiday, the Hagaddah in Another Dimension is a pretty neat idea.

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