So Not Kosher


Grocery shopping
 can be an incredibly personal experience. We purchase foods for many different reasons: Our hunger. Our health. Our secret desires (late-night ice cream noshers, we’re looking at you).

In 10 Items or Less, a short video, a grocery store bagger takes more than a passing interest in one customer’s purchases. The opening shot of items on a checkout counter–egg matzah, mayonnaise, and Manischewitz wine–seems to tell the whole story.

But it isn’t the whole story. When the bagger finds a package of bacon-style bits in the same cart, he takes justice into his own hands.

The video features actor Adam Goldberg, who starred in The Hebrew Hammer (and was recently interviewed on MJL). Although he doesn’t identify as Jewish in real life (click through to see why), this video is a hilarious representation of Jewish culture that many of us will instantly identify with.

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