Tweet the Torah


Twitter, if you don’t know, is the mini-blog service that lets people post short, accessible reports from their lives. Since the Torah was always meant to be easily accessible, the two should go together naturally–right?

The Jewish Publication Society has just launched a neat new tool that breaks up the Torah into bite-sized pieces, easy for posting on Twitter.

First, download a copy of the JPS Bible (the 1917 edition is free). Then, find your favorite chapter or paragraph–or search around for one. (Looking for something mysterious? Check out the Creation story. Inspiring? Try Moses’s farewell blessings to the Israelites. Weird? Ezekiel.) Next highlight your favorite verses, copy them into JPS’s Twitter Torah Test, and they’ll automatically be broken up into short, Twitter-sized pieces.

The project’s immediate goal is to make “Torah” one of Twitter’s most-talked-about topics. But the larger goal is to remind us how inspirational the Torah can be–even if you’re reading it 140 characters at a time.

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