Hasid or Hipster


Hasidic men
 and women are usually pretty easy to spot—they are known for wearing a particular uniform: black suit with a white shirt, big black hat, beards and long sidecurls for men, and covered hair, long skirts, and long sleeved shirts for women. But these days, some of those same styles are popular among a very different crowd: hipsters and bohemians.

The popular tumblr Hasid or Hipster brings together photographs of men and woman who could all be residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. But some are devoted followers of a Rebbe, and others are devoted followers of Fleet Foxes or Elizabeth and the Catapult.

The tagline of the tumblr is “The more we change—the more we remain the same” and when you scroll through the pictures you can see how true that is. Hasidic dress is based on the fashions of Eastern Europe more than 150 years ago. Meanwhile, hipster fashion is having an old-timey moment, with beards, suspenders, and heavy fabrics having their moment in the sun. And we bet you’ll find yourself pondering over many of the photos. Really, which one is it: hipster or Hasid?

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