Sephardic Music Festival, Vol. 2


The second Sephardic Music Festival album just dropped, and the only bad news is that you can no longer use Hanukkah as an excuse to buy it (though a little birdie just told us about another winter holiday that may be happening today). This compilation is just as eclectic as last year’s Vol. 1, with 18 new tracks of Mizrahi, Yemenite, and Ladino artists from around the world.

From folk songs to hip-hop, electro to dance music, this is one of the most exciting mix albums to come out this year. Vol. 2 features, among others, artists like DeLeon and their Austin, TX indie-rock vibe, performer-composer Sam Glaser and his Middle Eastern sound, hip-hop artist Y-Love, and of course, producer and songwriter Diwon, who created the festival and the Sephardic and Jewish music empire from which it hails.

Our favorite track may just be Sarah Aroeste’s La Comida La Mañana. It’s a perfect combination of Latin zest, Israeli spirit, and feminine fire. The album as a whole moves between genres fluidly, capturing the essence of Sephardic music from a different perspective with each new track.

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