The Ugly Hanukkah Sweater


Everybody can spot the Dreaded Christmas Sweater from miles away.  Be it worn by Bill Cosby through the better part of the eighties, by Colin Firth in That Scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary circa 2001, by a total character at your annual holiday party, or by your hipster roommate as his version of business casual, it’s an article of clothing that positively screams LOOK AT ME.

Because there is so much Ugly Christmas Sweater lore at this point (see this useful history and famous Christmas sweater roundup), some members of the more-menorah-lighting-than-tree-decorating set got a little bit jealous and wanted some cable knits to call their very own.  Enter Carin Agiman and Geltfiend.

 back in September [unforgettable video here], Geltfiend now proudly carries an array of Hanukkah sweaters that just may put that red and green reindeer number to shame. Ugliness, after all, is something of an art form, and Agiman gets the kitsch factor just right. With sweaters featuring Hasidic snowmengarish dreidels, and giant Hanukkah coins in 70’s yellows and browns and bright holiday reds and blues, you’d be hard-pressed not to find just the right gift for the Ugly Sweater Appreciator in your life amidst this collection.

Hanukkah’s coming up. Snag your ugly sweater today.

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