A Biblical Family Tree


From classics like One Hundred Years of Solitude to recent hits like Hilary Mantel’s Thomas Cromwell series, complicated tales often come with charts or maps at the front to help you keep track of the characters and their movements.

If novels can do this, why not the the original complicated tale? That is, the Bible. If you’ve ever found yourself bogged down in the seemingly endless begats of Genesis, an English-Canadian man named Luke Martin has got you covered with this comprehensive Biblical family tree. Beginning with Adam and going all the way through Moses, the chart clearly lays out the often complex families we read about in the first two books of the Torah.

Spending some time with the family tree is a great way to remind yourself about some of the often overlooked corners of the family. For instance, did you remember that after Sarah died Abraham went on to have 6 other children with Keturah? Or that Esau had a grandson named Amalek (the same name given to a nation bent on annihilating the Israelites)?

We can’t wait to print this one out and paste it into our Bible.

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