American (Jewish) Idol


Do you ever catch yourself watching American Idol and wishing they would sing more psalms? Or wondering why you never hear “Adon Olam” on The Voice? Turns out, you’re not alone. Four years ago, out of this void, a singing competition called A Jewish Star was born. (You didn’t think they’d really call it “Jewish Idol,” did you?)

The setup is familiar: A panel of judges evaluates contestants, and audience members vote online. But in this competition instead of skimpy dresses and love songs, you’ll find men in suits belting out prayers, psalms, or proverbs.

Considering the recent hoopla about the religious female contestant on Israel’s version of The Voice, it’s no surprise that this competition, based in New York, is limited to men. And though we do miss hearing from the ladies, these guys have serious musical chops. The 2013 competition is just getting started—Round 2 is this Sunday, March 3rd. You can watch each entrant’s videos and vote for your favorite here.

Just don’t be disappointed when the judges pale in comparison to Paula Abdul on American Idol (even if she is Jewish).

– Tamar Fox

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