From “Ghostbusters” to His Mother’s Brisket


He was the possessed keymaster neighbor, the beer-swiller, the kid-shrinker, the coach of Little Giants. He was Barney Rubble in a terrible Flintstones flick. He even donned a dark helmet in outer space.

He’s Rick Moranis, and he’s back—sort of. After releasing his first music album, The Agoraphobic Cowboy, in 2005, Moranis returns with My Mother’s Brisket & Other Love Songs. According to his website, My Mother’s Brisket, which is out today, promises to be “an eclectic blend of klezmer, rumba, folk and jazz covering themes of family, food, religious traditions, more food, love, and dessert.”

If his first Grammy-nominated album is any indication, My Mother’s Brisket should be a wonderfully freilich outing from a real menschy-seeming guy. Moranis, who lost his wife to liver cancer in 1991, retired from acting a few years later to concentrate on raising his family. And other than The Agoraphobic Cowboy 8 years ago, he’s been completely off the radar.

He may not be returning to the Little Shop of Horrors anytime soon, but with a little mazel, we may get to see him on stage.

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