Help Us Find the Makers of “Snowvadia,” the Chief Sephardic Rabbi Snowman



Today we stumbled upon a hard-to-miss snapshot of “Snowvadia Yosef,” a well-crafted homage to Ovadia Yosef, the recently deceased former Sephardic rabbi of Israel and spiritual leader of the Shas party.

Snowvadia, as he’s being called, has been making the social media rounds, but we’ve yet to find out exactly WHERE Snowvadia was created and WHO artfully designed our new favorite snowman. We know it’s somewhere in Israel during the historic blizzard the swept through the region, and we know it was made by someone with some freakishly amazing sculpture skills.

Thus we are on the hunt to discover the artist of this chiseled, rabbinical mold! We ask you to put your social media skills to the test and help us find the maker of Rav Yosef the snowman!

Have you seen Snowvadia? Did you see his makers?

Please, sleuths, share your leads below!

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