“This American Life” Goes Israeli


A story about a classical composer who, after sustaining a brain injury, had to teach herself how to listen to music again. A man standing by the side of the road in Europe with a sign saying: “Anywhere.” If these sound like segments from the wildly popular National Public Radio show This American Life, you’re on the right track.

The new Israeli radio show Sipur Israeli (“Israel Story”) was created by Mishy Harman, an Israeli Harvard graduate who became addicted to This American Life on a post-graduation 13,000-mile road trip. By the end of his journey he was determined to create his own radio show, and with the help of friends Ro’ee Gilron, Yochai Maital, and Shai Satran, he’s done it. The show is airing this summer on the Israeli Army radio station at 3pm on Friday afternoons—perfect to listen to while preparing for Shabbat.

Though the show is entirely in Hebrew, there are rumors of an upcoming episode in English. In the meantime, it’s available to download as a podcast, and is a great way to practice your Hebrew—especially if you’re suffering through another week of TAL reruns.

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