Upping the Dreidel Ante



Sure, sure–playing dreidel is a centuries-old Jewish tradition, and a way to remember the great miracle of Hanukkah. But have you ever noticed that the dreidel game is basically a tool to teach kids how to gamble?

No Limit Texas Dreidel is a new game that’s designed to take back the game of dreidel and place it squarely where it belongs: after hours, at a green felt table, between consenting adults.

The set comes with enough dreidels for all, three extra-large Community Spin dreidels, shakers, a dealer button, and instructions–all in a nifty carrying bag. Players roll four dreidels at a time, and, by using poker rules of trading and holding, can parlay their spins into a better “hand.” In theory, it sounds complicated. But in practice, it’s the same old dreidel game we know and love…only it takes a bit more strategy, it lasts a bit longer, and–yes–it feels more grown-up to play.

The truth is, you don’t have to be an adult to play No Limit Texas Dreidel. But it’s great to have an excuse to sit around, put on your best poker face, and try to con your friends and loved ones out of all their chocolate gelt.

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