The Google Glass Goes Jewish


It seems like Jewish apps have existed as long as the smartphone. Your iPhone can teach you to bake challahtake you to the Western Wall, and even say the prayer after meals.

But now, thanks to tech startup Rusty Brick Studios, you won’t even need to turn on your phone. That is, if you get a hold of the crazy new gadget Google Glass, and you download—you got it—JewGlass.

For those who’ve managed to lay claim on the elusive Google Glass, JewGlass can tell you the exact times for prayer, and keep reminding you, incessantly, until you get yourself to the nearest synagogue (don’t worry; it will guide you) and take out your prayerbook (which it will provide).

On their website, you can see visualizations of JewGlass’s use—all in the framework of a strange, clip-art-style board meeting. On one hand, we wonder whether anyone would actually use JewGlass in a meeting, let alone praying the entire service while sitting in that meeting. On the other hand, well, there are plenty of less inspiring things you could be reading at a meeting than Jewish prayers.

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