Kosher Locusts For Pakistan


It might be old hat that some varieties of locusts—those hair-raising Passover pestsare kosher. But would you ever think they were a solution for malnutrition?

Jewish Pakistani Fishel Benkhald has a simple—and surprisingly crunchy—solution for how to deal with his country’s growing health issues. Benkhald has determined that locusts could provide a cheap source of protein for the whopping 33% of Pakistan’s population that is undernourished.

As it happens, Benkhald points out, locusts prove 73% more efficient in converting food into body mass than cows; and as a bonus, locust farming is eco-friendly, featuring drastically lowered greenhouse gas emissions.

Benkhald believes the first step would require the destigmatization of grasshopper-munching in Pakistani society. “If fellow Pakistanis…eat locust in public then we can encourage social change,” he writes.

But the biggest selling point of all might be the simple fact that locusts are halal, easily adhering to Muslim dietary law. Well, it’s either that or the fact that they taste like “lean-chicken and roasted seed.”

We’re skeptical. But intrigued.


Watch a locust-eating demonstration:

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