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  • Around the Jewish World Stoking Controversy, Sidon is Reappointed As Prague Chief Rabbi

    A year and a half after he was dismissed as chief rabbi, Karol Sidon has been reappointed to the post by the new leaders of Prague’s Jewish community. “He was unfairly and illegally dismissed by the past chairman,” Tomas Jelinek, “and we want to right this wrong,” said Jakub Roth, the community’s new vice president….

  • Passover Feature Prague Undergoes Metamorphosis: This Passover, Matzah for Everyone

    An anonymous source breathes heavily on the other end of the receiver, softly intoning that the only way to get the goods is from an inside contact. Through friends, I discretely discover my intermediary, who leads me through several dark corridors for an encounter with an angry man. His gruffness is unmistakable: He is the…

  • News Brief

    Lebanon said it would take its claim that Israel killed two Palestinian terrorists to the U.N. Security Council. A May 26 car bomb killed Mahmoud Majzoub, who headed Islamic Jihad in the Lebanese city of Sidon, and his brother, also a member of Islamic Jihad. Israel denied involvement.

  • Around the Jewish World in Former Eastern Bloc, Czechs Stand out for Pro-israel Feeling

    And the Czechs have it. When it comes to which former Eastern Bloc country has shown the most support for Israel in its conflict with Hezbollah, the Czech Republic can now boast two pro-Israeli demonstrations. One demonstration has been held in Poland, and none in Slovakia, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria. To be fair, though, additional…

  • News Brief

    The Prague Jewish community is searching for a new rabbi. Following the departure last week of Meni Kalcheim, assistant rabbi to Czech Chief Rabbi Karel Sidon, the 1,500-member community is seeking a replacement. Kalcheim, an Israeli, was on a three-year contract to assist Sidon.

  • 5766: European Jews worry about security

    European policies toward Israel, Iran and the Palestinian territories — along with the continued growth of extremism in Islamic communities — played a central role in the life of European Jewry in 5766.

  • A New Year Dawns for European Jews, a Year of Cooperation and Security Fears

    European policies toward Israel, Iran and the Palestinian territories played a central role in the life of European Jewry in 5766. These international issues, along with the continued growth of extremism in Europe’s Islamic communities, were focal points for Jews — particularly in Western Europe, where a spate of anti-Semitic attacks against individuals and synagogues…

  • Around the Jewish World Two Jews, Three Synagogues: Diversity Abounds in Prague, Too

    Squinting through one of five tiny peepholes in the thick stone walls of Prague’s medieval Old New Synagogue, it takes a bit of effort for the occupants of the women’s section to see or even hear a Torah reading. The advantage, however, is that amid the group head craning, there is a surprising level of…

  • Report: Czech Jews threatened

    A Czech newspaper claims that Islamic extremists planned to murder dozens of Jews in Prague during Rosh Hashanah — though the Jewish community says it was never informed of such a threat.