An Israeli man was shot and killed over a handicap parking spot. Friends and strangers donated over $500k to help his family.


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Two online fundraising campaigns have raised more than 2 million shekels, or over $500,000, for the wife and children of a man shot dead over a handicap parking space.

Ofir Hasdai, 40, was shot and killed Sunday afternoon in Ramle after he tried to park in a handicap spot for his wife, Dikla, who has muscular dystrophy. Hasdai got into an argument with a 74-year-old driver after he asked the man to move his car over, since it was parked over two spots. The man then shot Hasdai in  front of his wife and three daughters.

Two of the daughters also have disabilities, one with muscular dystrophy and one with cerebral palsy.

Hasdai was the family’s main breadwinner.

Both online funding campaigns far exceeded their original goals and have involved more than 11,000 donors.

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