Israel razes home of Palestinian man accused of murdering Israeli teen


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The family home of the Palestinian man accused of raping and murdering a teenage Israeli girl was demolished.

The Israel Defense Forces on Friday razed the home of Arafat Irfaiya in Hebron.

Irfaiya, 29, is accused of the violent attack on Ori Ansbacher, 19, whose body was found Feb. 7 in the Jerusalem Forest outside of the Ein Yael Living Museum, where she was working with children for her year of national service.

Irfaiya was arrested two days after the attack, and he re-enacted the attack and murder for authorities, according to reports. Forensic evidence found at the scene had tied Irfaiya to the murder.

Prosecutors determined the attack was nationalistically motivated.

Israel razes the homes of Palestinians who attack and kill Jews as a deterrent to future attacks. The deterrent effect of demolitions has been shown to be small or insignificant and their continued use remains under debate.

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