Palestinian teen convicted of killing American-Israeli activist Ari Fuld


JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Palestinian teen was convicted in a West Bank military court of murdering American-Israeli activist Ari Fuld.

Khalil Jabarin, 17, from the village of Yatta, near Hebron, also was convicted on Monday in Judea Military Court for three other murder attempts.

Jabarin stabbed Fuld, 45, a father of four, in the back on Sept. 16, 2018. The teen then reportedly turned his sights on a waitress at a nearby falafel shop.

Fuld, who was mortally wounded, ran after the assailant and shot at him before collapsing. He is credited with saving the woman’s life.

Fuld, who was born in New York and made aliyah in 1994, worked for Standing Together, a nongovernmental organization that provides support for Israeli soldiers. He was well known for his social media posts defending Israel and its military.

Jabarin, who also was shot by another civilian, was taken to an Israeli hospital with light injuries.

“Ari, who so loved his people and his country, fought to defend and protect them until his last breath. Today, we finally get to see some justice for him,” his widow, Miriam, told the Jerusalem Post in response to the verdict.

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