Tel Aviv court cancels deportation orders against 2 Israeli-born children of Filipina workers


JERUSALEM (JTA) — The deportation orders against two Israeli-born children of Filipina workers and their mothers were cancelled.

The Tel Aviv Court of Appeals on Sunday canceled the deportation orders against Gena Antigo, 13, and Ralph Harel, 10 and their mothers, Ynet reported.

They had been released on bail on Friday from the Tel Aviv prison in which they were being held ahead of their threatened deportation.  Each family raised about 8,500 for their bail from families of children who attend school in Tel Aviv with the children.

The appeals court on Sunday ruled that “the minors’ interest could not be properly assessed by the Population and Immigration Authority before it made its decision to issue deportation orders.”

Gena 13, was detained last week as she headed out to the Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium School in Tel Aviv. Ralph was detained at his home last week early in the morning as he prepared to leave for school. The children were taken into custody despite an understanding with the Interior Ministry that immigration authorities would not target children at or on their way to or from school.

Their mothers had entered Israel as nursing workers, but their visas expired about a decade ago, Ynet reported.

The ministry could research the case further and re-issue deportation orders.

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