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Bring him home for dinner

  • Paul Rudd answers age old ‘man questions’

    In a recent video segment called Ask a Grown Man on Rookiemag, Paul Rudd answered some questions posed by young ladies. He looks tired, and cute, and I am sort of in love with this video. Some examples of reader queries: “Why, WHY do boys like boobs so much?” (Rudd’s answer: Because they are awesome.)… More ▸

  • Ali Fedotowsky has some Jewish jungle fever

    Former star of “The Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky is all about the yiddishe men. Although she recently called off her wedding to Roberto Martinez, who she met on the show, Ali says that she tends “to like nice, funny Jewish boys.” She even told “Life and Style” that Andy Samberg is her celebrity dream date! Although… More ▸

  • My boyfriend JoGo songifies the news!

    Joseph Gordon Levitt, the key holder to my locked heart, poster boy of my adolescent bedroom, and father of my digitally altered “what would YOUR children look like?” pictures, is a funny man. So funny, in fact, that the Gregory Brothers (of Songify the News fame) gave him a guest appearance in one of their… More ▸

  • Jonah Hill scores with Dustin Hoffman’s daughter

    Looks like Jonah Hill’s lack of milkshake is bringing all the girls to the yard. Well, at least some of them. According to Contact Music, Jonah Hill is officially dating Ali Hoffman, daughter of Mr. Magorium himself (What? You want me to drop a generic reference to “The Graduate” or “Rain Man”? Well, I won’t…. More ▸

  • Jesse Eisenberg says Judaism made him an awesome actor

    Not trying to take all the credit for Hollywood or anything, but Judaism basically breeds good actors. Jesse Eisenberg’s words, not mine. In an essay in Black Book magazine, Eisenberg extolls the positive impact that a loud, Jewish background had on his acting chops: “In my family, every conversation was a debate complete with philosophical… More ▸

  • Joseph Gordon Levitt asked out by girl with cancer

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is facing a heart-wrenching request this week after a hot 26-year-old cancer patient made a YouTube video asking him out. “Even though I look healthy, dating has been a little difficult,” explains Lindsey Ann Miller, who decided to contact Levitt after seeing his new dramedy “50/50.” She goes on to ask him… More ▸

  • James Franco pissed with Gawker’s gay rapist joke

    Actor James Franco, who’s been dealing with plenty of speculations regarding his sexual orientation, had to deal with one that may have gone a little too far. Franco finally commented on the latest issue of Playboy Magazine about a post made by popular gossip site Gawker about 3 years ago, which jokingly suggested that he might be a gay… More ▸

  • Jake Gyllenhaal is OK, people!

    Jake Gullenhaal and Michael Pena were out in South Los Angeles with LAPD troops on the Wednesday night as part of a research they’re making for their new film “End of Watch.” And what happens when you drive around South LA? A bunch of gang members shoot each other around you, obviously. So Jake and Michael were… More ▸