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  • Benyamin Cohen debuts with #1 Jewish bestseller

    Former American Jewish Life editor Benyamin Cohen’s book, “My Jesus Year,” debuted today at #1 on’s Jewish bestseller list. The book catalogs the year Cohen, the son of an Orthodox rabbi, spent visiting Southern churches while trying to figure out why he found synagogue so unfulfilling. Publisher’s Weekly has called it “a delicious olio… More ▸

  • Pope Pius XII revisited

    The debate over what Pope Pius XII did or didn’t do to save the Jews during the Nazi era continues to roil. The latest effort to cleanse the record of the pope who is on the path to sainthood came at a symposium in Rome this week where an American Jew led the charge. As… More ▸

  • CUFI united for Hagee

    David Brog, the executive director of Christians United for Israel, has sent out a mass e-mail to followers urging support for Pastor John Hagee and the organization. The money line: “Make no mistake about it, many who attack Pastor Hagee seek not only to hurt him, but to silence all Christian friends of Israel. We… More ▸

  • Ann Coulter lied to me

    Reader mail: Dear JTA, My father thought I should email you this story. My name is Marc Friend and I am a student at the George Washington University. Recently Ann Coulter came to speak at G.W. and I was able to get a ticket, even though I am a Jewish Liberal. So, Ann Coulter gave… More ▸

  • Jew like me

    Maybe everybody messed up and the millennium starts tonight: Christians are joining being officially represented at the highest levels of the Jewish Agency and getting circumcised by mohels. Not sure which is crazier (for them or for us). I guess the latter shouldn’t come as surprise, considering the popularity of Hebrew National. It’s sort of… More ▸

  • Some of my best friends are named Schneider

    ‘Tis the season for the war against the war on Christmas, so we weren’t surprised to receive a press release from the Catholic League’s president, Bill Donohue, listing about a dozen examples of “multicultural monsters” censoring holiday displays. What did catch our eye, however, was this item on the list: “A Jewish public official in… More ▸