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  • The day the temple was bombed

    Blacks and Jews in Atlanta marked the 50th anniversary of the bombing of The Temple on Peachtree Street – the first Civil Rights-era attack in Atlanta. The synagogue was targeted because its rabbi, Jacob Rothschild, was an outspoken proponent of civil rights. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a story on the bombing’s commemoration. More ▸

  • Edgar Bronfman on money, the Jews’ God and Sarah Palin

    In a Q & A in the New York Times Magazine, Jewish billionaire philanthropist Edgar Bronfman, Sr., the former Seagram chairman, talks about why the Jewish community should welcome interfaith marriages, why he gives his money to Jewish causes even though he doesn’t believe in the God of the Old Testament and why he’d vote… More ▸

  • Shomrim vs. Shmira (and the NYPD)

    The NYPD is trying to bring two rival Jewish security patrols in Brooklyn, the Shomrim and Shmira, under one roof, the New York Post reports: The NYPD is trying to settle a long-running dispute between two rival Orthodox Jewish patrol groups – and keep them from taking the law into their own hands – by… More ▸

  • The Bobovers’ pub

    Regular drinkers in London’s East End have their knickers all in a bunch over the possible sale of a historic local watering hole, the 250-year-old Swan, to a group of Bobover Chasidim who plan to turn it into a shul, the U.K. Evening Standard reports. The pub’s landlady said the prospect of the pub’s closure… More ▸

  • Y.U. wrestles with transgender prof

    I thought I had quite a scoop last week with news that a Y.U. professor was apparently pushed out of his post because of his blog. But leave it to the New York Post to go one better. The Post had quite a shocker today when it reported that Professor Jay Ladin was returning to… More ▸

  • An Israeli’s superiority complex

    When American-born Israeli journalist Judy Siegel-Itzkovich returns to the U.S. for the first time in 26 years, she finds much to disparage – from the materialism to the assimilation to the supposed hypocrisy of American Zionism. She notes that the American Jewish population is shrinking, while Israel’s is growing; she writes of her former neighborhood… More ▸

  • Jews fit to print

    Several Jewish-related items appeared over the weekend in The New York Times: Former workers at Agriprocessors, the nation’s largest kosher meat plant, detailed alleged abuses at the Postville, Iowa plant. Sunday saw competing rallies between activists protesting working conditions at the plant and activists opposed to illegal immigration. Gaza is getting its first museum of… More ▸

  • Shidduch emergency crisis

    Shidduch vetting in the Orthodox world has gotten out of control, writes Tamar Snyder in the Wall Street Journal: Just as the economy is headed to recession, the shidduch system is in crisis mode. Or so the rabbis moan, noting the surplus of women eager to marry and the corresponding shortfall in the quality and… More ▸

  • Secular leader to perform gay marriages

    At least one Jewish organization is psyched by the California Supreme Court ruling to allow same-sex marriages. The secular Sholem Community and its vegvayzer (that’s Yiddish for leader, apparently), Hershl Hartman, is planning to officiate for same-sex couples. The full release follows: Los Angeles – With the California ban now lifted on gay marriages, The… More ▸


    The Jewish Transcript in Seattle profiles Joel Blatt, a twice-married consultant who invented a new dating site with the goal of meeting a nice Jewish girl. Plus, click here to listen to Blatt’s interview with ABC News Radio. Here’s the opening of the Transcript article: Getting by — and dating — with a little help… More ▸