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Congressional races

  • Giddyyup Giffords

    The horseback-riding astronaut-marrying first-term congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords has a big fund-raising lead in her bid for reelection in Arizona. More ▸

  • Footlik campaign says Seals padded his resume

    After filing a real live news story about the Jay Footlik vs. Dan Seals primary race for the 10th Congressional District in Illinois (instead of reportage through blogging) I got a frantic call from Simon Behrmann, Footlik’s campaign manager, informing me that my story contained a “factual error.” It’s not the kind of call you… More ▸

  • Run, rabbi, run

    Democrat Dennis Shulman, the rabbi aiming to take out GOP incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett in N.J.’s 5th District, has issued a release heralding the fact that he raised about $190,000 in the last three months of 2007 and has about $173,000 on hand entering 2008. Garrett had $332,116 on hand as of September 30,… More ▸

  • Commander Kirk beams at N.J. pro-Israel fund raiser

    On Sunday night, after traveling Chicago’s suburbs for three days, trailing the two Illinois Democrats vying to knock Mark Kirk out of the state’s 10th Congressional district seat (here and here), I finally caught up with the Republican incumbent lat night – in New Jersey. Kirk spoke to a mostly Modern Orthodox group of donors… More ▸

  • Footlik: Chicken soup and a bendel

    I just got back from a meeting with Jay Footlik, and he may be the Jewiest congressional candidate we have seen in a long time. Wearing a red “bendel” – otherwise known as a kabbalah string – around his wrist, Footlik met with me at a restaurant a couple of doors down from his campaign… More ▸

  • Ross, Indyk, Holbrooke: Vote Footlik

    Jay Footlik just sent out an e-mail with a joint endorsement letter signed by Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Richard Holbrooke, Jim Rosapepe and Marc Ginsberg. Over the past six years, we have watched in shock and disbelief as the disastrous foreign policies of George Bush have tragically increased turmoil and chaos across the globe, endangering… More ▸

  • Newspaper: Footlik’s Jewish jokes don’t fly

    Jacob Berkman reports that Dan Seals has landed the endorsement of the Highland Park News. Apparently the editors over there don’t like Jay Footlik’s sense of humor (click here to see the offending ad): His opponent Footlik has served as special assistant to President Clinton on domestic and foreign policy issues, and as a senior… More ▸

  • Seals vs. Footlik (Mini Obama vs. Hillary)

    If you can take your eyes off of the presidential race for a few minutes … JTA’s Jacob Berkman is on the road in Chicago to provide some coverage for a very interesting, little noticed congressional primary. The Democratic race pits Dan Seals, a local up-and-comer, against Jay Footlik, a veteran of the Clinton administration… More ▸