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Fate of Jewish Hasses in Soviet Russia Depends Upon Colonization States Bragin, Author of Crimean Co

“What will be the fate of the Jewish masses in Soviet Russia?” is the title of a pamphlet written by Abraham Bragin, formerly organizer of the All-Russian Agricultural Exposition in Moscow, and now one of the prominent advisers in Soviet Government circles.

Bragin descibes, in his pamphlet, the present economic and cultural condition of the Jewish masses in Soviet Russia and comes to the conclusion that this condition is a catastrophic and hopeless one. He admits that there is a strong feeling of anti-Semitism prevailing among the Russian peasantry, but states that it is confined to the Jewish city element, which is considered by the peasants as parasitic.

“The only solution for the Jewish masses in Soviet Russia is,” he states,” colonization on a large scale on the shores of the Black Sea and in the Crimea.

Mr. Bragin, who originally advocated the establishment of a Jewish Republic, or an autonomous Jewish region, speaks now against it and concludes: “There cannot be any question of creating a Soviet Palestine. The question to be considered is the commencement of a Jewish labor colonization.

The pamphlet is causing great interest in Soviet Government circles.