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German Jews and East European Jews Vote in Separate Sectors for Kehillah Elections

Elections took place on Sunday to the Jewish communal organization in Leipzig. The election procedure has been the subject of controversy between the German Jews and the East European Jews in Saxony. Finally a compromise was effected a few days before the date fixed for the poll.

The German Jews and the East European Jews voted in separate sectors. The East European Jews, constituting about three-quarters of the total number of voters, are under the compromise to obtain eight seats on the Board of the community and the German Jews, constituting the other quarter, are to obtain twenty-five seats.

Candidates were submitted by the Orthodox Party, the Liberals, the United bloc of Zionists and moderate Orthodoxy, the Poale Zion and the bloc of the Bund and the Communists. 2,646 votes were cast in the East European sector, the Zionist bloc polling 1,137, the extreme Orthodoxy 941, Poale Zionists 361, Communists and Bund 154; and Liberals 53. In the sector of the German Jews, 922 votes were cast, 670 for the Liberals, 141 for the Zionists, 52 for the Orthodox Party, 49 for the Poale Zionists, and 11 for the Communists.

In the East European sector the Zionist bloc has obtained four seats, the Orthodox Party three and the Poale Zion one. In the German Jewish sector, the Liberals have obtained 17 seats, the Zionist bloc 5 and the Poale Zion 3.