Senator La Follette and Louis Marshall Discuss “hungarian Anti-semitic Petition”
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Senator La Follette and Louis Marshall Discuss “hungarian Anti-semitic Petition”

La Follette Expresses Regret for Franking Document; Refers to His Record: Fought for Annulment of Treaty With Russia Because of Persecution of Jews. – La Follette Pleads Baby Act. Louis Marshall States in Reply; Calls Assumption, “Hebrew in Spite of Anglo-Saxon Name,” a Cheap Kind of Denunciation

Regret at innocently franking the petition called, “Justice for Hungary” which contained anti-Semitic accusations, and reference to his record, pointing out that he always fought against racial discrimination, was expressed by Senator La Follette, Progressive candidate for President, in a telegraphed statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in reply to the criticism of Mr. Louis Marshall concerning this matter, published by this Agency.

Senator La Follette’s telegram read as follows:

“My attention has just been called to a statement by Louis Marshall with reference to a document regarding affairs in Hungary which contains certain misrepresentations regarding the Jews. The Congressional Record will show and Mr. Marshall must know that I had no responsibility for that document, that I specifically declared that I did not know its contents and that I asked to have it printed as I have asked to have other documents printed because I was assured by one of my (??…………….)