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Fritsch Publication Fosters Anti-semitic International

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

“Die Weltfront (the World Front), a collection of articles by anti-Semitic leaders of all nations, ” has been issued by Hans Krebsand published by the well known anti-Semitic. Theodore Fritsch, through his publishing firm Hammer of Leipsig. The aim of the book is to promote the idea of a united anti-Semitic world movement.

Among the contributors to the book are : Theodor Fritsch, Alfred Rosenberg of Germany. Prof. Alexander Cuza of Roumania, Abbe Deperron of France, Dr. Molle of Algeria. Leo Hanbenberger and Dr. Batter of Austria, Ing. Rud. Jung of Czechoslovakia, Dr. Fahrmann of Switzerland, Ubg. Tibor Eekhardt of Hungary. A. van Winghene of Holland Pietro Hataloni of Italy. Joseph Debeljak, Peter Nitschkoff of Bulgaria. Gen. Netchvolodov of Russia, Wilhelm Brand of Denmark, E. Sarlund of Norway, G. St, Lember of Poland.