World Migration Congress in London is Concluded
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World Migration Congress in London is Concluded

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The World Migration Congress called by the International Federation of Trade Unions and the Labor and Socialist International, consisting of delegates representing 23 countries, closed here yesterday with the unanimous adoption of a number of resolutions concerning the problems of immigration and emigration.

The resolutions adopted by the Congress urge the establishment of state migration offices, the prohibition of emigration propaganda by private transport enterprises, and the abolition of passport and visa charges. Another resolution adopted by the World Migration Congress asks for the abolition of restrictions on certain categories of workers of their right to work, thus compelling them to emigrate.

The Congress also recommended the establishment of an international body to provide passports to emigrants who are unable to claim any nationality for political reasons. The Congress also went on record as holding the opinion that it does not consider emigration an effective measure for overcoming an economic crisis.