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Concillation of Jewish and Roumanian Groups Formulated at the Hague

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The nations of Europe, through their representatives in the unofficial international conference of the Union of League of Nations Societies, applauded the conciliation between Jewish and Roumanian representatives on the basis of solemn promises given by the Roumanians that in the future every step will be taken to “counteract the folly of anti-Semitism.”

The international conference of the Union of League of Nations Societies, which concluded its sessions here yesterday, following a short discussion on the Roumanian Jewish question adopted by acclamation a conciliatory resolution drafted jointly by Dr. Leo Motzkin of the Council on Jewish Rights and by the Roumanian representative, Djuvara. The resolution expresses hope that the Roumanian government will. “in accordance with its assurances act to prevent the renewal of anti-Jewish excesses and suppress anti-Semitic propaganda directed against the legal position of the Jewish minority.”

This spectacular turn in Roumanian Jewish relations followed a short discussion on the floor of the international conference. Dr. Leo Motzkin, speaking in behalf of the representatives of the Jewish League of Nations Societies in Europe, stated that in view of the declaration made recently by Roumanian political leaders that an improvement in the Jewish position in Roumania has been inaugurated, he would not develop the case fully. The Jews, he stated, have an ardent desire to maintain most cordial relations with the people among whom they dwell. The Jewish complaints were not the result of hostility to the Roumanian government, but were merely an attempt to protect the Jewish minority in Roumania against the repetition of excesses.

The representative of the Roumanian League of Nations Society. Mr. Djuvara, declared that he does not dream of denying the occurrence of anti-Jewish excesses, which he severely condemns. The Roumanian delegation to the international conference is ready. he added, to accept any proposal which has for its purpose counteraction of the anti-Semitic folly.