Helena Mayer, Olympic Fencign Champion, is German Jewish Girl
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Helena Mayer, Olympic Fencign Champion, is German Jewish Girl

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

The “C. V. Zeitung,” organ of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, states today that Helena Mayer, Olympic fencing champion, is a Jewish girl.

The statement was made by the newspaper in reply to denials published in the German nationalistic press. Miss Mayer is the daughter of a Jewish physician of Offenbach and member of the Central Union. Her mother was Christian but the girl has been reared in the Jewish faith.

Helena Mayer’s fencing prowess created a sensation recently in London. In the British tournament a number of leading European master fencers participated and critics expressed astonishment at her remarkable skill which she displayed in matches she engaged in with such international fencers as Casmir, Puliti and Salafia.

One of the nationalistic critics attending a fencing tournament in Berlin in which Miss Mayer took part, proclaimed her a true exponent of German strength and beauty.

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