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Roumanian Government Party to Co-operate with Jewish Groups in Elections

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Juliu Maniu, Roumanian Prime Minister, received Dr. William Filderman, president of the Union of Roumanian Jews of the Old Kingdom, in an audience today to discuss pending matters. It is understood that the subject of the conversation was the possiblity of cooperation between the Union and the National Peasant Party, of which Maniu is the head, in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. No result was said to have bee reached as, according to a report, the Peasant Party declined to enter into an election alliance with the Union.

It is stated, on the other hand, that the Peasant Party is willing to include in its lists four Zionist candidates from Transylvania and four Jewish candidates from Bessarabia, principally for the districts of Kishineff, Chotin, Belche and Bender, thickly populated Jewish centers. It is also possible that the Zionist groups in Bukewina and in Old Roumania will cooperate with the Peasant Party. Should the proposal for an election alliance fail, it is possible that the various Jewish groups will seek to establish an all-Roumanian Jewish election bloc.