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Roumanian Government to Grant Concessions to National Minorities

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A turn in the governmental policy with regard to the national minorities in Roumania is expected to result from the recommendations which are to be considered at the next meeting of the cabinet.

The Roumanian press reports today that the governmental commission consisting of the Minister of the Interior, Minister of Finance and the Minister of Religioun and Education, formulated a series of recommendations concerning the minorities question. It is understood that the commission recommended the grant of important concessions to the national minorities, particularly in the field of education. It is stated that the ninorities are to be permitted to use their own language in applying to the administrative authorities and that in-

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struction in their native language be permitted in schools maintained by the government for minority groups.

The grant of these concessions would coincide with the forthcoming national celebrations on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Greater Roumania and it is expected that the minorities would participate in these celebrations after their demands have been fulfilled.

It is still uncertain as to whether the Jewish population would benefit from these concessions, as the Manin government considers the Jews not as a national minority in the full sense, but rather as an ethnic, religious minority.

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