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Jewish Leaders Term Polish Minister’s Statement of Conditions Inaccurate

Indignation at the description of Jewish conditions in Poland given out by Tytus Filipowicz, Polish Minister to the United States, was expressed by Jewish leaders here. At a meeting today of the Kolo, Club of Jewish Deputies in the Polish Sejm. Minister Filipowicz’s interview with the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in New York was discussed. Following the session a communique was issued declaring: “Minister Filipowicz indicates his partiality in informing the American public with regard to the Jewish situation in Poland.” Isaac Gruenbaum, president of the Club, was authorized to correct the inaccurate statements made by the Polish Minister. It was learned that the question will be taken up in the Sejm.

The Volkszeitung,” organ of the Bund. Jewish labor party, comments on the statement of Mr. Filipowicz that the government is giving technical training to Jews in order that they may be able to earn a living without depending on small trading. “Never before.” the paper writes, “were the Jewish masses so systematically kept hungry, boycotted, granted almost no rights, and suffocated in the prison of an economic ghetto as now.”

In a statement to the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in New York concerning the position of the Jews in Poland. Minister Filipowicz declared that the Government of Poland is doing its utmost to relieve this situation by speeding up the process of liquidation of the ghetto and raising the level of the Jewish population through proper education and technical training to an extent that may enable it to make a decent living in walks of life other than that of the small tradesman.

He denied emphatically that there was anti-Semitism in Poland with the knowledge and sanction of the government. Asked whether or not there was discrimination against Jews in government employment, he expressed his disbelief that this was possible. The abolition of the old Czar’s restrictions has placed the Jew on a parity with all other citizens of Poland, he said.