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Form Company to Buy Land As J. N. F. Gift

A company has been formed in Italy under the name of “The Land,” with the object of buying land in Palestine for the plantation of orange groves. The land which the company will buy will be presented as a gift to the Jewish National Fund, with the condition that it be leased on the usual J. N. F. hereditary leasehold to the members of the company.

Within the past few weeks the company acquired an area of valuable plantation land to the south of the Tel Aviv-Petach Tikvah road. between Bnai Brak and the Petach Tikvah lands. A stretch of 82 dunams has been transferred to the J. N. F. and another stretch of 91 dunams will be transferred in the near future.

The new company was formed at the initiative of G. Sinigaglin, head of the Jewish National Fund in Italy.